Planet Mars exploration visualisations part 2


After several scenes of virgin landscape views of the planet Mars, it’s time to introduce the part of a human exploration, its possible outcomes and probability of encountering some kind of an alien life or civillization in our illustrations. Mixing the reality with science fiction is always exciting.

An updated astronaut space suit, vehicle designs coming, space base buildings and some unknow energy / alien life forms make the Martian story more interesting.With the next iteration of the ‘Blender 3D’ we have a huge speed increase in the workflow thanks to the new render engine Eevee. Most of all effects were available before, even in the Internal Render Engine we used also for speed with the previous visualizations.

That approach was really demanding though in terms of the additional time needed to simulate all those effects available now for free in Eevee. Many of those reduce the need to use that pretty slow Compositor which still isn’t updated to the desired level.

All this translates into more complicated scenes, more time for modeling complex objects and a lot more of available scene test shots due the fact that rendering time is now counted in minutes instead of hours.

Collage of three images illustrating the Martian landscape with a space base and a radar dish, energy portal and another space base view in the dusty sunset on Mars
Mars pace base with the radar dish, energy portal and the space base view in a dusty sunset.Browse available illustrations of Martian landscape for sale.
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Reddish ball shaped object near the space base on Mars
Alien life form on Mars or another terraformed planet
Alien entity or an unknow form of energy.
Illustration already used in the article on UFO sightning
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