Battle of Grunwald medieval festival photos

Battle of Grunwald festival images – Introductionary photos from the editorial collection. Medieval reenactments which take place in Poland.
As an example, in 2011 in the celebration event took part about 4000 reenactors, 1200 knights and 20 thousands of spectators. In 2010 about 6000 reenactors, 2200 knights and near 200 thousands of spectators. Read all articles.

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Medieval women costumes during Battle of Grunwald 601th anniversary
medieval shown in the image
Lithuanian military camp, Battle of Grunwald 1410 anniversary
Lithuania shown in the image
Medieval camp gate, Grunwald, Poland
guard shown in the image
Peasants working in a village – Battle of Grunwald 1410
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Medieval knights sword fighting
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Leather tanning in the middle ages – Battle of Grunwald event
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