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Eagle Statue in Mindelo, homage from the city to Sacadura Cabral and Gago Coutinho
Mindelo Tabacaria – tobacco shop hut
Warsaw Lazienki Palace. Popular tourist attraction
Garden path in Wilanow Royal Palace gardens
Medieval castle remains near Warsaw in Liw Town
Tourists at the Wilanow Royal Palace main yard, Warsaw
Medieval stronghold remains, castle museum in Liw Town, Poland
Frozen park ponds in Warsaw below the The Rabbit House Palace / Krolikarnia
Museum of King John III’s Palace, Wilanow in Warsaw
Tomb of Saint John in Turkey
Warsaw Krolikarnia Palace
Liw medieval castle, landmark in Poland
Fountain at the Wilanow Royal Palace, Warsaw
Wilanow Royal Palace gardens, old historic landmarks of Warsaw
Castle in Selcuk on the Ayasuluk hill. Turkey
Medieval Castle in Liw Town, Poland