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Imagerion.com contains a selection of images and physical item designs created by the independent freelance artist Plrang.
Images are available under various licenses for your publications. You can buy digital works and digital versions of conceptual 2D / 3D illustrations, paintings, drawings and photos.
Designs created for items like T-shirts, notebooks and other are available through the online stores like Amazon or online shops of various brands.


Contact me for individual files or commission orders. For more personal look you might visit my blog about photography, art and software development.
Feel free to post comments and suggestions at https://www.facebook.com/imagerion

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License & Purchase
(direct purchases are temporarily disabled, please use links to microstock agencies)

Microstock customers with subscription plans
You may obtain inexpensive images from Plrang portfolio through microstock agencies. Links to portfolios are available on each image page.

High Quality Guaranteed
The high technical quality of  images is guaranteed by over 25 years background in the design and photography area.

If enabled, Imagerion is using the standard Paypal transactioning system. Currently disabled.

Exclusive Images
Imagerion Images is the only place where you can find some of images by Plrang, that are not available elsewhere (exclusive).

Imagerion Images
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CC AREA – Articles Only – artworks are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Using images from the Articles area, reproducing ,loaning , selling or licensing, without the prior written permission is strictly prohibited. You may share it online unmodified, with Imagerion.com watermark and the credit source link given. Images are available for sale on request or through photo stock agencies. All other rights belong to their respective owners.

Imagerion Images is a library of commercial, high quality photos and conceptual 2D / 3D illustrations available under Royalty Free or Rights Managed licenses.

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