Julien Bryan – An American in Warsaw

Editorial: The Polish capital through Julien Bryan’s lens, 1936–1974

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The multimedia exhibition consists of mostly unknown pictures, press releases, newsreels and radio recordings.

One of his most famous photos: Kazimiera Mika leaning over her sister, killed in an air raid, while digging for potatoes… outside of Warsaw, fortunately she survived September 1939
Poor Children of War
Children on Folwarczna Street and ona Girl from Praga district
Julien Bryan exhibition
An improvised photography lab, Warsaw
A car with a driver, provided by Stefan Starzynski, the Warsaw mayor, and a special permit to photograph everything in the besieged capital.
Bryan’s photographs in LIFE Magazine

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"Julien Hequembourg Bryan (23 May 1899 in Titusville, Pennsylvania – 20 October 1974) was an American photographer, filmmaker, and documentarian. He is best known for documenting the daily life in Poland, Soviet Union, and Nazi Germany between 1935 and 1939." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, "Julien Bryan", https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julien_Bryan