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Imagerion (Art Plrang) has licensed already tens of thousands of photos and illustrations, so here is only a small section of the best pictures, frequently used in book covers, posters and press articles. There is also a line of real life products available, designed carefully using original images by Art Plrang.
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Blood cells microscopy specimen 3d
circulatory shown in the image
Spotlight on Bitcoin, heap of coins
currency shown in the image
Tall ships Krusenstern and Gulden Leeuw
sailing shown in the image
Fountains at MNAC, Barcelona
MNAC shown in the image
KTO ROSOMAK WEM, armored ambulance vehicle
ambulance shown in the image
Warsaw landmarks, Palace of Culture and Science and modern skyscrapers
warsaw shown in the image
Digital television v3 – holo interface
holo shown in the image
Enchained by law – paragraph
paragraph shown in the image
Bitcoin boom, stack of golden coins
cash shown in the image

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