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Tourists visiting the Lazienki Royal Baths Park in Warsaw, editorial
Special Forces preparing for boarding a boat with terrorists, GROM
Warsaw City, Special Forces hanging on ropes from a helicopter, Poland
Special Forces while boarding a boat from a helicopter
GROM Special Forces preparing for boarding a boat with terrorists
Lithuanian military camp, Battle of Grunwald 1410 anniversary
Medieval camp gate, Grunwald, Poland
Peasants working in a village – Battle of Grunwald 1410
Medieval knights sword fighting
Leather tanning in the middle ages – Battle of Grunwald event
Antonov Volga-Dnepr airplane fuselage and nose AN-124-100
Mi 38 helicopter, military and civil transport
Helicopter Mi 8AMT transport, rescue, cargo
F-16 Fighting Falcon
Polish King Wladyslaw Jagiello after victory, Battle Of Grunwald 1410
T-34 85 Soviet tank