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New edition of Planet Mars landscape visualisations now available in high resolution. After the early stages with simplified look and atmosphere, it’s time to introduce more complex locations and stories, with improved technical aspect of generated terrain and light.

Sunset on Mars
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Story line should help to achieve the visual and contextual integration. New illustrations will explore the fictional Martian environment and embed some futuristic vehicles and activities of future habitants of Mars. At the moment the first Rocket Lander is already deployed.

Update: An interesting fact is that the idea of a silver shiny space ship design I had back in 2017 was also choosen by SpaceX. I always thought that painting of that traditional spaceships is pretty useless and the typical white color is really boring. The durable retro rockets from the old science fiction movies look a lot better. Fragile composite constructions are good for the crash zones or the inefficient conventional propulsion.

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Astronaut space suit comfortable design. Rear view line art rendering
space shown in the image
Astronaut space suit side view
Mars shown in the image
UFO like spherical structure of unknown energy
UFO shown in the image
Astronaut space suit design line art, ready for Mars
eva shown in the image
Astronaut space suit for extravehicular activity, functional design
spacesuit shown in the image