Pro Vaccine designs Tshirts and more

Pro vaccination meme ideas on gadgets and gifts. Here you can find the cartoon human character as the metaphor of a person fighting the virus infection or the anti-vaxxers propaganda. Several designs are placed on the customizable products like buttons, mugs, notepads, keychains, stickers or tshirts for sale. High resolution stock images are available to buy. Real satirical and funny Provaxxer support!

Planet Mars exploration visualisations part 2

After several scenes of virgin landscape views of the planet Mars, it’s time to introduce the part of a human exploration, its possible outcomes and probability of encountering some kind of an alien life or civillization in our illustrations. Mixing the reality with science fiction is always exciting. An updated astronaut space suit, vehicle designs coming, space base buildings and some unknow energy / alien life forms make the Martian story more interesting. (more…)

Blockchain animation

New animation clip added to stock, rotating visualization of a blockchain technology behind the Bitcoin. Data transfer, atom of information, chain explosion, 3d rendering concept. Download from Shutterstock

Compilation preview


Images from Mars the Planet

While the Curiosity Rovers is still looking around Mars and the ExoMars mission of the Trace Gas Orbiter is on the way to the planet, a brand new series of illustrations landed in the library. Finally I could start to create illustrations of science fiction related subjects and the first part of those is now available in high resolution. This time it is dedicated to exploring water on Mars, the technology behind it and the fantasy landscapes of the Red Planet.