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Fleur de Lis sign on a royal guard helmet, Wilanow Palace in Warsaw
Garden path in Wilanow Royal Palace gardens
Medieval castle remains near Warsaw in Liw Town
Tourists at the Wilanow Royal Palace main yard, Warsaw
Medieval stronghold remains, castle museum in Liw Town, Poland
Stone gate, archeological fragment of Basilica of St. John in Ephesus
Museum of King John III’s Palace, Wilanow in Warsaw
Tomb of Saint John in Turkey
Liw medieval castle, landmark in Poland
Fountain at the Wilanow Royal Palace, Warsaw
Coca cola sign on an abandoned store building
Wilanow Royal Palace gardens, old historic landmarks of Warsaw
Letters carved in stone. Ancient Greek text background
Ancient column against the sky. St. John Church
Castle in Selcuk on the Ayasuluk hill. Turkey
Medieval Castle in Liw Town, Poland