Images tagged with: desert

Salt transportation rigs, Cape Verde
Tourists going to float in salt water ponds, Cape Verde
Machinery of pulley system in salt mine, Pedra de Lume. Cape Verde, Africa
Rocket launch, landing on Mars
Planet Mars landscape
Sunset on Mars, mountain sci fi landscape
Mars lander spaceship
Sunset over the arid Martian landscape
Topo da Coroa in Cape Verde, volcanic mountains of Santo Antao
Cape Verde. Road to Buracona near mountain Monte Leste.
Desert road in Martian like landscape Cape Verde, Santo Antao
Donkey eating thistle, Santo Antao landscape
Rock on the desert arid gorund of Cape Verde, Sal Island
Stray dog walking
Calhau Volcano, Cabo Verde, Sao Vicente
Volcanic crater and desert rocks, Cape Verde, Africa