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Mindelo Porto Grande terminal of Sao Vicente Island panorama
Eagle Statue Mindelo landmark. Sacadura Cabral and Gago Coutinho commemoration
Ice Cream truck, life in the streets of Mindelo
Ponta do Sol, Cape Verde. View of the fishing village on Santo Antao Island
Historic red house crumbling near port of Ponta Do Sol, Cape Verde
Mindelo Marina on Sao Vicente island, Cape Verde
Titanic wooden fishing boat in port of Santo Antao, Cape Verde, Africa
Dusty sunset and turbulent waves, Ponta do Sol, Cape verde
Piles of salt crystallized in a salt water pools
Cape Verde major tourist attraction, salt beds, marshes for floating in salt water
Colorful Cape Verdean architecture, green wall
Pedra de Lume Salinas. Cape Verde
Salt water ponds ditch
Blue house, colorful architecture of Cape Verde
Volcanic rocks on the beach Calhau town, Cape Verde
Cape Verde, salt heaps in salt water ponds