Images tagged with: lake

Astronaut at the beach, wearing a space suit. Water on Mars or another planet
Warsaw’s Palace on Isle in Lazienki Royal Baths Park
Royal Lazienki Park in Warsaw north facade
Frozen lake covered with snow near Krolikarnia Palace
Lazienki Park Palace, Warsaw, Royal Baths
Winter in Warsaw, frozen lake covered with snow
Warsaw Palace on the Isle in Lazienki Baths Park, Poland
Fantasy Martian abstract landscape background
Piles of salt crystallized in a salt water pools
Salt mounds, gathering by evaporation
Salt source evaporation ponds, Cape Verde
Salt water ponds ditch
Cape Verde, salt heaps in salt water ponds
Mounds of drying salt
Masurian Lakes District, pier in Mikolajki
Salt mining mounds, Salinas of Africa