Battle of Grunwald – 2010 medieval re-enactment photos, part I

Looking for the high resolution photos from Grunwald, festivals and events?

Modern crowd in a mist of dust and medieval women walking through
Back in time, looks like some time travelers came in
Man without a shirt riding horseback, covered by a tree branch
Last hours of rest for Knights and Horses
Armored medieval knights among modern crowd of people
Meet the knights, Middle Ages within reach
Teutons riding horseback, approaching
Teutonic Knights enter the battlefield
Tired armored knights
It’s 2pm, 35C in shadow / 95F – the show lasts about one hour but they were getting ready few hours earlier
White car covered with the dust and inscriptions on it
Dust and heat everywhere
A knight showing he'll win
Someone is gonna win
A knight on horseback, yellow and read coat of arms
Adam Domanasiewicz (surgeon in real life) leads Armenian military units
Two lines of cars parked by the dusty country road
Over two kilometers from the battle field, all roads end and it’s still full of cars, so hurry up..
Spectators sitting in a corn field, with umbrellas, around their cars. Terrible heat
otherwise that will be the only place left (about 500m from the field)
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