Images tagged with: nature

Cabo Verde, Africa path at the extinct volcano Cova Crater mountains
Cabo Verde landscape volcanic mountains of Santo Antao
Cabo Verde landscape volcanic mountains of Santo Antao. Rocky edge by the road
Cabo Verde landscape, volcanic edge in mountains of Santo Antao
Drying corn cob hanging on the wall of a poor village
Radar station at the top of the mountain. Cova Crater Cape Verde
Beautiful sunset evening at the shore of Santo Antao. Ponta do Sol
Coca cola sign on an abandoned store building
Green layers floral tissue background
Beehive colony frame, bees flying around
Layers of an old paint on a wall
Beekeeper taking care of beehive frame and harvesting honey
Beehive colony fancy house in the garden
Deep underwater bottom green background illustration
Cape Verde major tourist attraction, salt beds, marshes for floating in salt water
Black round stones on a sandy beach