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Ponta do Sol village citizen carrying a fresh fish bought from a fisherman
Ponta do Sol villagers buying freshly caught fish right in the port, Cape Verde
Mindelo Tabacaria – tobacco shop hut
Life in Mindelo, residents selling goods at the square market
Wooden fishing boat at the beach of Santo Antao Island
Beautiful sunset evening at the shore of Santo Antao. Ponta do Sol
Ice Cream truck, life in the streets of Mindelo
Everyday life in Mindelo, people in the streets, Cape Verde
Violet building, colorful architecture of Mindelo Town, Cape Verde in Africa
Frozen park ponds in Warsaw below the The Rabbit House Palace / Krolikarnia
Special Forces preparing for boarding a boat with terrorists, GROM
Tomb of Saint John in Turkey
Warsaw Krolikarnia Palace
Fountain at the Wilanow Royal Palace, Warsaw
Landing troops hanging from a helicopter, GROM
Neoclassical palace in Warsaw – Krolikarnia