SYXtra – About & Features

Symbiostock eXtra Features – WordPress Plugin / Theme

It changes the look and behaviour of the basic Symbiostock Theme


Current version number 1.9.92 | changelog | screenshots

This plugin is compatible up to Symbiostock version: 2.6.5.
Improvement works are currently suspended

Advanced and powerful hybrid plugin / theme, super easy to use.
Many features are added with the idea of getting more website traffic, due the right SEO techniques and clean, responsive design for mobile devices.
This plugin is extensively tested and stable yet still in the development beta stage.  Some features are not in the final state. There are many more to come. Below you can find out more about the current  feature set.

SYXtra Plugin core is currently made to be free.  There are plans for paid features and external utilities. If you like it, you may help in further developments: suggest a feature, report a bug

Read this first: What SYXtra does & does not do


Most of the features may be enabled / disabled as needed, so they won’t ruin your current layout and functionality

  • thumbnails widget 1: square, large square and default Symbiostock thumbnails sorted by date or randomly + SEO optimized / configurable, up to 100 images at once
  • thumbnails widget 1: allows also to display similar (Master Tag) & related images / configurable
  • thumbnails widget 1: allows also to display by tag and exclude by tag (great for collections) and  display by category
    Mentioned above is a single ‘all in one’ thumbnail widget
  • headers of the thumbnails widgets are links to batch galleries which use the local search for efficiency
  • easy include sets of Thumbnails in Posts or Pages
  • widget 2: popular search terms stats + SEO optimized / configurable
  • widget 3: targetted referral links to microstock agencies / configurable
  • Dynamic Large hover Image Previews
  • double slideshow scrolled – full size image previews used – shortcode for any page. Does not require any setup, random order
  • adding images to RSS feeds
  • additional page template for magazine like, full width layout / configurable
  • additional footer rows for widgets below and above the standard one / configurable
  • image views counter
  • basic License message display – auto editorial / standard based on the category or the keyword
  • Web Fonts for headers
  • Theme color management, basic & easy: site body, header, footer background color & headers solors
  • Search Input field replacement
  • SLAM – Symbiostock Live Activity Monitor
  • basic host System Information
  • Settings page
  • various small functionality / layout enhancements
  • easy install, auto update option
  • mobile.. almost ready..;) still working on it, please test and report all your findings

+ 2 more separate widgets on the way

 Installation & download