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School building named after Jose Lopes Da Silva
Ponta do Sol village citizen carrying a fresh fish bought from a fisherman
Cabo Verde landscape village houses in mountains. Santo Antao
Mindelo Tabacaria – tobacco shop hut
Ponta do Sol Municipal hall of Ribeira Grande
Life in Mindelo, residents selling goods at the square market
Ice Cream truck, life in the streets of Mindelo
Everyday life in Mindelo, people in the streets, Cape Verde
Violet building, colorful architecture of Mindelo Town, Cape Verde in Africa
Ponta do Sol, Cape Verde. View of the fishing village on Santo Antao Island
Historic red house crumbling near port of Ponta Do Sol, Cape Verde
Heavily damaged red car in the street
Colorful Cape Verdean architecture, green wall
Blue house, colorful architecture of Cape Verde
Fontenario public water source
Orange wall, cyan windows and door