Images tagged with: stones

UFO like spherical structure of unknown energy
Astronaut at the beach, wearing a space suit. Water on Mars or another planet
Landscape of Mars, floating spherical structure of unknown energy
Floating ball of light, spherical structure of unknown energy, antigravity found on Mars
Pink piggy bank on the beach, saving money concept
Space base radar dish in the planet Mars sunset landscape
Piggy bank at the sea shore, saving money concept
Piggy bank travel season, saving money for your dreams
Pink piggy money bank at the beach, saving earnings
Tomb of Saint John in Turkey
Basilica of St. John the Apostle, ruins in Selcuk, Turkey
Selcuk church entrance walls of Basilica of St. John, Turkey
Ancient large clay pot in Selcuk / Ephesus. Turkey
Piles of salt crystallized in a salt water pools
Salt mounds, gathering by evaporation
Salt source evaporation ponds, Cape Verde