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Astronaut at the beach, wearing a space suit. Water on Mars or another planet
Beautiful sunset evening on Santo Antao Island. Veleiro restaurant
Boats and yachts in Marina of Sao Vicente island
Boats and yachts in port of Sao Vicente, Cabo Verde
Ponta do Sol village citizen carrying a fresh fish bought from a fisherman
Mindelo Marina, Fortim do Rei and maritime port agency AMP
Fishing boats in Ponta do Sol at the beach of Santo Antao Island
Ponta do Sol villagers buying freshly caught fish right in the port, Cape Verde
Sunset on Santo Antao Island, Cape Verde
Mindelo boats and yachts in Marina. Visible Face Mountain
Old cargo ships in the port terminal of Sao Vicente island, Cape Verde
Wooden fishing boat at the beach of Santo Antao Island
Beautiful sunset evening at the shore of Santo Antao. Ponta do Sol
Mindelo Porto Grande terminal of Sao Vicente Island panorama
Maersk Line cargo container ship Volta in port of Sao Vicente, Cape Verde
Ponta do Sol, Cape Verde. View of the fishing village on Santo Antao Island