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Medieval camp gate, Grunwald, Poland
Peasants working in a village – Battle of Grunwald 1410
Polish King Wladyslaw Jagiello after victory, Battle Of Grunwald 1410
Defeat of the Teutonic Knights – Poland
Teutonic Knights jousting time – Battle of Grunwald reenactment
Armies clash at Grunwald
Knights on horseback before the Battle of Grunwald
Taking over the Teutonic flag – Grunwald Battle show
Peasant dragged by a horse
Man dragged by a knight on a horse
Medieval knights, Chasing Ulrich von Jungingen
Teutonic Knights attack
Single combat, Teutonic Knight versus Polish Knight jousting
Knights and crusaders tired after the Battle of Grunwald 1410 reenactment
GRUNWALD – Victory Monument
Polish mounted Knight before the battle