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Life in Mindelo, residents selling goods at the square market
Everyday life in Mindelo, people in the streets, Cape Verde
Violet building, colorful architecture of Mindelo Town, Cape Verde in Africa
Cape Verde shoreline. Sao Vicente Island, Africa
Volcanic rocks on the beach Calhau town, Cape Verde
Beach near Calhau town, extinct volcano crater peak in Cape Verde
Round boulders, black stones on a sandy beach
Infantry fighting vehicle Rosomak
KTO ROSOMAK WEM, armored ambulance vehicle
Military convoy. Polish forces
Special forces GROM in Mercedes-Benz
Gun howitzer Dana 152
Rosomak – Wheeled Armored Vehicle
Anti-Aircraft Gun Hibneryt 3
Leopard 2 tanks transport convoy
Mobile air defense missile system 9K33 Osa