Best Password Book is Discreet and Funny

Internet Password Books Hidden in plain sight

Are you looking for a top secret password book, hidden from nosy people?


Here is a series of our beautiful password keepers with space for hundreds of internet accounts, room for multiple passwords and notes. 120 / 130-page stylish notebooks, personal internet address logs with alphabetical tabs printed.

Hidden in plain sight! At first sight, no one will think it’s a password book.

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Typical Features

  • easy to use, clean design, 7.44″ x 9.69″ or 6″ x 9″
  • normal and large print
  • multiple pages for each letter, A-Z / 0-9 TABS
  • a few account slots per page, space for multiple passwords or notes
  • over a dozen accounts per letter
  • cream or white paper, black print, glossy or matte covers
  • all secret password books have the spine is also camouflaged
  • series designed for kids and adults

Discreet password book series sample


Discreet Password Book as a Vintage Firearms Almanac with GunsDiscreet Password Book as a Christian Prayer Book, Holy Cross in a Golden HeartDiscreet Password Book as a Floral Notebook For Women with a Funny Saying